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VivifyMe blog - September 2018

VivifyMe blog

After a very busy July, we had a lovely summer break but September turned out to be even busier then July! I started my Secondary School this year and the amount of homework we get is phenomenal. I am trying to juggle between school, homework and the Challenge Dementia Prize Essex.

Before going on holidays I developed my first prototype and shared it for trial in London. In September me and my mother tried to find people from Essex, who could help us with the trials. After many conversations that didn’t move the project forward we have someone who has agreed to help us try VivifyMe and give their feedback.

We attended few group sessions and got a lot of positive feedback from carers and people diagnosed with Dementia. Hopefully once we get the feedback from these trials, we can improve our prototype.

Just like every other finalist we are also trying to write our business case. Challenge Dementia Prize partners have agreed to help us with the business case and exciting times lie ahead as we approach the final month of the prize.

Hopefully all of us can make a difference in to people with dementia and do justice to everyone’s brilliant idea.