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Vivify Me blog - July 2018

Vivify Me blog

About our project

Vivify means 'enlivening something'. VivifyMe aims to enliven lives of elderly people - particularly those living with mild cognitive impairment and early dementia.

VivifyMe brings together different evidence based approaches for dementia into one affordable and personalised solution. Dementia is already one of the biggest health and social care challenge facing local health economies across the UK and world.

There are number of assisted living solution for elderly people. Vivify Me builds on the proven approaches and methods; and brings them together in one easy to use solution that can be personalised for better results and outcome.

Vivify me was developed by Arnav with support from his mum, Manisha, when he was 9 years old after he learned that his grandfather had developed dementia.

Arnav has always been interested in using technology for solving problems. He won Tech4Good People's Choice and Winner of Winners awards in 2016 for his asthma solution - Asthma Pi.

It was initially developed as a Raspberry Pi (a small and basic computer developed to promote the teaching of basic computer science) but to make it even more accessible and affordable, the main features have been developed as an app to be used on a tablet.

It uses touch screen and voice assisted prompts, to provide an easy to use interface.

It is helpful for current dementia patients but would equally be well suited to future generation, who are even more used to using touchscreen based devices like smartphones.

It allows for the solution to be customised by carers to ensure that it delivers a truly personal experience and supports carers in looking after their family members.

We believe that it can improve the quality of life, slows cognitive decline, promotes independence and well being.

Entering Challenge Dementia Prize

Since the development of the initial prototype, we have had positive feedback about VivifyMe's potential to make a real difference.

So, entering Challenge Dementia provides an excellent opportunity to get expert input; valuable feedback from testing with users and carers; and the micro grant.

Already, within few weeks, support provided through the Challenge has made tangible difference.

We have developed the first Android app prototype and got feedback from users and carers alike in groups.

Input provided the Alzheimer's Society has helped improve the solution to ensure that it is fit-for-purpose.

We have shared few tabs loaded with VivifyMe with users to do initial user testing over six weeks.

We are excited to get feedback from initial user testing; and ongoing support from dementia and tech experts to take VivifyMe to the next stage.

Finally, have a lovely summer (even though England has had its disappointment the sun is still out)

Thanking you for all your support,