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Meet some of the inspiring people we are working with

06 March 2018
Group of people together with Challenge Dementa sashes on.

In the planning and launching of the Challenge Dementia prize we have been fortunate enough to work with some inspiring people from different organisations. These are people who work every day to support people living dementia here in Essex and it is there experience that has helped us to ensure we are asking you, the people with the ideas, the right question.

Them talking to us, showing us first hand what they do and giving us the opportunity to spend time with the people they work alongside has been a privilege and we think that hearing from them will help you with your Challenge Dementia entry.

Caroline Gerrard


Caroline is Fundraising and Communications Manager at Peaceful Place a charity supported by and serving people in South East Essex with over 20 years experience of helping people with young onset dementia and those that care for them.

Jane Bussell


Jane is the Director of Service at the Harbour Club in Battlesbridge, Essex. The Harbour Club is a Social Enterprise, a 'Not For Profit' organisation. The Harbour Club moves away from the traditional approach to day care services and incorporates a new therapeutic model in line with the NICE clinical guidelines for Dementia.

Rob Chandler


Rob is Mental Health Commissioning Manager for Older Adults at North Essex Clinical Commissioning Group. Rob is a member of the Pan Essex Dementia Action Alliance and was involved in the development of the Essex Dementia Strategy ‘Let’s Talk Dementia’ published in 2017.

Georgina Parkin 


Georgina is an Essex resident and the wife of Paul who is living with dementia. Georgina wants people to understand the impact that dementia has not just on the individual but on the people around them and talks candidly about her personal experience.

Yvette Wetton


Yvette led on the development of a joint report between Healthwatch Essex and Essex County Council called ‘Dementia Voices’. Dementia Voices represents the  voice of people living with dementia in Essex as they talk about their lived experience.