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Mycarematters blog - November 2018

Submission day

After much agonising and finger-hovering, I pressed the Send button this morning, on a document it feels I’ve been immersed in for weeks. 20 pages packed with information on why Mycarematters needs and deserves to win the Essex Challenge Dementia Prize!

It’s been a whirlwind of Essex activity these past few months, as we removed one obstacle after another to get trials in place in three hospitals, as well as work with Essex care homes, carers groups and people with dementia, to collect feedback on Mycarematters and how we might improve the service.

Anyone who works with NHS organisations will know that nothing happens fast – I do understand, they’re busy people, but I’m therefore extremely proud to have successfully initiated evaluations of Mycarematters in Colchester, Harlow and Basildon hospitals. Of course, what has worked in our favour is that the Mycarematters System follows simple principles that are easy to grasp. As Maisey Dear, the dementia lead at Colchester, said: having a person’s non-medical needs and preferences on view behind the bed is a total ‘no brainer’.

The whole six months has been an amazing experience and I need to thank so many people for their support in helping make things happen, from Kakia and Gina at the Catalyst Project, Ben and Nicole for chivying us along and inspiring us with juicy titbits of information every week, Tech UK for introducing me to my wise, kind, clever and supportive mentor Andrew Cleminson, Jacqui, James and Rob at PA Consulting for some down-to-earth and solid business advice, innumerable people from the Alzheimer’s Society at both national and regional level, and then there’s the care home managers, dementia leads, carers’ group co-ordinators, and the broad spectrum of people who signed up to our trial to help develop the service… and there are still more, too many to mention individually, who have all helped us start to understand how much further we can go in maximizing the potential of Mycarematters.

Meanwhile, my mentor Andrew has instructed me to take the rest of the day off, as a reward for all the hard work that’s gone into the business case, and to recharge my batteries. I’ll try Andrew, I really will, but there’s just so much exciting stuff to get done!


Zoe Harris from Mycarematters