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Remarkable Lives


About our project

Why you entered the prize

We entered the Challenge Dementia Prize because it offers a structured programme over six months that should really enable us to test our idea with all our stakeholders and to identify how and where our solution might achieve the biggest impact on the care and wellbeing of people living with dementia in Essex.

For a social impact startup, the partnership of organisations involved in the prize was also appealing, including the local authority, NHS and social care departments, care providers across Essex, Alzheimer’s Society, PA Consulting, TechUK and University of Essex.

As Remarkable Lives is a product designed to scale nationally and internationally, we were also incentivised by the package of support including a large financial prize which could accelerate our reach and impact, building on the opportunity to prove our value to individuals, families and carers at county-wide level.

What your idea is

We’ve built an online application called Remarkable Lives that will record a personalized, chronological timeline of memories for people living with dementia, then feed this personal information into a companion app for practical use by health and care providers and community services.

Harnessing the familiarity and connectivity of social media, Remarkable Lives engages family and friends to produce a digital scrapbook which can serve as an interactive life-story and therapeutic activity to stimulate social interaction, as well as a ‘This is Me’ style care passport all in one.

In a society that is so absorbed in the present and often switches off from later life and its challenges, we think the key is to encourage everyone – all age groups – to take ownership of their later life earlier on, and this starts with a prevention-oriented approach: engaging with older relatives now to make human interaction across the generations easier for both relatives and care professionals.

Therefore, by putting the lived experience of people living with dementia at the heart of their care, Remarkable Lives will provide a way to deliver preventative care and support by increasing empathy, understanding behaviours, and knowing the whole person through written, photographic and audio reminiscence – connecting their past, present and future – and by making it simple to provide appropriate cost-effective treatment and support at the right time by identifying people as much from their life experience as from their medical history.

Hopes for the coming six months

Our hopes for the coming six months are to demonstrate to everyone involved in supporting and caring for a person living with dementia, that Remarkable Lives is a practical, intuitive and effective solution. But also, that it brings something refreshing and positive to everyone finding themselves in this challenging and often upsetting situation, by actively celebrating someone’s life story, by reconnecting family and friends and saving precious memories, together. It is for this reason that we’ve deliberately designed Remarkable Lives to encourage intergenerational engagement, as well as making this human-centred approach easy and satisfying for health and care professionals.

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