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Active Minds

Ben and Burcu

About our project

We applied to the Challenge Dementia fund because we are passionate about the role we feel digital can play a leading role in enhancing those living with dementia and those caring or supporting them. We feel no app currently brings together a holistic view of the family/carer experience into an informative, creative and design-led solution. We see Essex County Council as an innovative, forward thinking funder who can support, shape and challenge our idea to make it robust and ready for scale.

Our idea is to create an innovative support tool to help with the broader challenges and experiences of families. 'Happy at Home' will be a purpose built digital app which supports families with the challenges they will face caring for their loved one. Through training, expert advice and a localised social network to up-skill families, helping plan for, cope with and overcome the challenges they face.

We propose to work with families in Essex affected by dementia to understand the knowledge gaps and day to day challenges which we could address. After diagnosis, families are faced with huge decisions. Up-skilling in everything from engagement to environment has the capability to relieve pressures on NHS and Social Care helping families to better cope with the journey. Our longer term vision is to scale beyond Essex and launch nationally.

It's really valuable for us as a business with an idea to have the opportunity to work with families and carers in Essex as a testbed for shaping, learning, adapting and working towards that idea together.

Our hope for the coming months is to embrace the journey of shaping our idea. We are eager to work with the communities in Essex, spend time strengthening, refining and developing our idea - to put the best possible case forward for the judges! We are very impressed by the partners that have been offered to us to strengthen our idea from the fields of digital, innovation, dementia and evaluation. We're eager to get their thoughts, expertise and critical thinking so that our project does not stand still.