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HomeCare Blog - November 2018

Now the dust has settled

October 2018 has been a very busy month for us, finishing with the submission of our business case to the Challenge Dementia team.

We have been working with the EPUT young-onset Dementia group in Colchester which runs on a Thursday evening. The people with Dementia and their carers as well as the staff running the group have been really supportive of our project and we are extremely grateful. Dan Press and Christopher Ashley from the Accenture team headed a design session. There was an interactive session with our solution and we gained valuable insights into interactions with and perceptions of the solution.

Man pointing finger as though he has an idea Man listening and smiling

We completed a survey and with the support of Professor Reinhardt, we have been able to analyse the results in detail. As a result we have identified important differences between carers and people with Dementia in the survey, where we were looking at how useful different types of features would be. 
We have also been working towards a pilot study of the solution. This has been informed by the survey we have undertaken in the Essex Dementia Challenge. Whilst we have been selecting and developing features based on the survey and looking at the impact of the solution in the design session and refining this further, the detailed work requires detailed regulatory consideration. We have benefitted from the support of EPUT’s Research and Innovation Group. We use the IRAS application form to help work through all the requirements for the research study. 

We are working towards a solution in which the Artificial Intelligence solution will be in the person’s home and will be the front end of our service. The Essex Dementia Challenge has brought together EPUT and Accenture for a partnership with the potential to change the future of service provision for people with Dementia in Essex.

If we are successful, we will use the prize fund to support the pilot study. We will look to scale this and when we have the information from this pilot study we can refine the solution and then build a service on this. 
We are very grateful to the Essex Challenge Dementia Prize for making this work possible! 

Dr Justin Marley