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Communication without waiting lists - Project update October 2018

Sharing our research

As you’ve probably seen from our previous blog, we make a big effort to be transparent – the planning and management is public, all the outputs are public, and you can even watch videos of us putting it together.  


An electronic tablet showing rows of coloured boxes with images in


There’s a couple of reasons for this:

  • If we know we are doing public work, then we are motivated to do better work
  • It’s far far easier for funders, accountants and anyone interested to check that we really are doing what we are paid to do (and let us know if we aren’t!)

For the people interested in the real nitty-gritty, the real 'this is really really what happens', we're pretty good.

However – working publicly only solves half the problem. Just because people could work out what we’ve been doing, doesn’t mean it’s easy for them. We’ve still got a responsibility to keep people informed in a way that they find easy to access.

One of the key groups of people that we want to keep informed are researchers, and people who value research. So we've produced a document that is written for those with more academic leanings "This is what we did, this is the decision we had to make, here are the references for going one way, here are the references for going the other way. We decided to go the first way".

You can see it here

Excitingly - we’re also getting our first sets of feedback from the care homes trying our communication boards. A fair amount of the feedback is negative – which is fine, we’re in the process for putting together an updated version that is even better!