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What is a challenge prize?

Challenge prizes are a great way to encourage and test new ideas. They place an important issue like Dementia in the spotlight and encourage people with innovative ideas to come forward and to try out new ways of working or new solutions.

Challenge Prizes can often bring about a big step forward in addressing a problem by stimulating great ideas and encouraging new collaborations.

Essex faces many challenges and as a Local Authority we recognise that we don’t have all the answers and are not always best placed to develop the right solutions.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to think creatively about the challenges we face as a County and we want to harness the ideas and experiences of a wide range of individuals, groups, organisations and businesses that we can improve to the lives of people in Essex.

Find out more about how to enter our current Challenge Prize, Challenge Dementia, or read about our previous prize, Families Included, that awarded £10,000 in February 2017.